Tractel blocstop manual

Tractel blocstop manual

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TRACTEL BLOCSTOP BS&BSA FALL ARREST DEVICE. For this tractel blocstop manual use Tractel offers the BSO and BSA Blocstop™ products. The «TIRFOR®» jaw-type unit fitted inside the Blocstop™ closes onto the safety wire rope and as the jaws grip over a large area causes no damage to the wire rope. Tractel Blocstop BS Manual Version.

Tractel® is a world leading safety specialist providing reliable, innovative and cost-effective working-at-height solutions and services Logic Cranes and Hoists are Western Australia&39;s only authorised service centre for the Tractel products including Tirak Hoists and Blocstop Fall Arrest Units. blocstop™ BSO blocstop™ BSO blocstop™ BSO /blocstop™ BSO 500 STOP AUF STOP AUF English Deutsch Français Übersetzung der Original-Montage- und Bedienungsanleitung D Original Operation and Installation Manual GB Traduction du manuel d´installation et de manutention original FR G 905. The CE certificate supplied with a Tirak™ man-riding hoist shall apply to the. Prior to each daily use, PCW requires that each turbine service lift receives an inspection as called out in our operational manual under “daily checklist”. The Overspeed Blocstop®, is a safety device and is used as a secondary brake, which is recommended for many Material Handling operations. Wind Turbine Product Solutions Tractel® Services Service Lifts Service Lift Hoists Platforms Climbing Aid Fall Protection Systems Hoists Open the catalog to page 1 The TRACTEL® Group in the wind turbine industry The Tractel® Group has been providing innovative products and services for the material handling, building maintenance, suspended. tractel blocstop manual - Montreal 11020 Mirabeau St. Griphoist Tirfor TU Series Heavy-Duty Range Model TU17 TU28 & TU32.

tirfor® and blocstop™ devices must not be used in explosive atmospheres. The SOLSIT is suitable for light jobs and is fitted with a Tirak X-300P and a Tirak wire rope that passes through the tractel machine. Trabajo leña 5 Arrastre de un tronco con Tractel T7 - Duration: 3:13. It is constructed in accordance with ISO 901 regulations and specifications. Our history is our guarantee of quality, making Tractel the trust-ed name in the industry. manual reel n2 Rope reel up to 650 m (other rope lengths on request) O Accessories o1 Defl ection roller with safety hooks and travel limiter o2 Extension cable for the button panel: Length on request (not shown) o3 blocstop™ BSO fall arrest device Fig. Fast and easy to use, you’ll have less downtime on your worksite with a tirfor®.

These platform remain at the working position, whereas the others are fitted with TIRAK winches. Blocstop Independent Secondary Brake Applications. Our competent and friendly dealer. 22 manual TIRFOR TU-8 44 BLOCSTOP safety devices 44 wire ropes 65 m long Description of application: The 22 platforms have been used for the construction of a 60 m high gasometer. Operation can be checked at any time. manual winchkg | CAROL™ TS series.

The BLOCSTOP safety device, for temporary suspended platforms, is a safety device spe- cially designed for lightweight suspended plat- forms fitted with two manual hoists. TIRAK®hoists are intended to be used for work going up and down a vertical hanging wire rope. Pulling and Lifting Machine Chain Pulley Block Ratchet Lever Hoists.

These solutions are used in many end-user applications, in particular in industrial, construction, energy, telecoms and infrastructure projects. a) TIRAK® hoists for man-riding with BLOCSTOP®. The powerful Griphoist TIRFOR TU range is found wherever there is a need for lifting or pulling heavy loads: on construction sites, in civil engineering, the armed forces, fire & rescue operations, and many more industries. Select options; Coni-Klam Wire Rope Clamps. Tractel Blocstop. The extremely reliable Tractel® Blocstop™ can be deployed as a secondary safety device on the safety cable. TRACTEL also provides light-weight, durable electrical chain hoists.

pany of TRACTEL Group shall assume no liability for damage as a result of conversions and altera-tions to the devices supplied by itself or as a result of the use of non-original parts. Poulistop™ Manual Return Pulley - Duration: 3:03. This light weight, quiet, man-riding traction hoist was specifically designed for use with suspended working platforms and service lifts. A Tirfor type jaw block fitted in the Blocstop which locks onto the wire rope main suspension rope or secondary rope. As such, the PC3 safeties are non-removeable and easy to inspect and test prior to operation. Tractel® invented the - now famous - tirfor® in the 1940’s, the world’s first manual pass-through wire rope tractel blocstop manual hoist.

The hand-operated blocstop ® BS is the perfect device to be used to hold or restrain any other loads during lifting and pulling applications. The Service Lift is powered by a TRACTEL® TIRAK™ hoist. | Fall Protection, Confined Space. All TRACTEL products.

It is a fall-arrest secondary safety device which is fitted to the wire rope of tirfor ® or tirak ® hoist. New – Open box. Blocstop Safety Devices for Wire Rope $ 488. The Coni-Klam wire rope gripper can quickly lengthen wire ropes or slings. indd Nederlands.

Moreover, these models have been designed for manual operation and should not be powered by a motor. In accordance with current safety regulations, a secondary safety wire rope is fitted in conjunction with a BLOCSTOP BSO automatic secondary. Hoists are specifically engineered for numerous man riding operations and are certified based on DIN EN 18.

Instruction Manual tirak™ hoists with blocstop™ BS/BSO on 2 wire rope system TE 1020 P with blocstop™ BSO XE 301 P with blocstop™ BSO XE 500 P XE 501 P XE 501 PA XE 600 P XE 700 P XE 701 P XE 720 P XE 721 P XE 1020 P XE 1030 P with blocstop™ BSO Griphoist® Division www. The Tirak™ X series and L series is a man riding electric cable winch also known as a wire rope hoist. The TIRAK™ hoist is the most durable and reliable traction hoist in the world. The working height is limited only by the length of the wire rope supplied. Blocstop™ fall arrest device For man riding applications a protective secondary safety device is mandatory. Rubicon Safety Inc. 79 ex vat - Find it cheaper and we will do our best to not just match it but beat it! 1 (Principle sketches) a5 E C n1 n2 D I B a2 a1 a3 a4 A H m2 m1.

lifting worm gear. For solutions in lifting or pulling, call Tractel. The BLOCSTOP safety device complies with standard EN/99) and the amendment of the machinery directive concerning the lifting of personnel. Every second platform is equipped with manual TIRFOR TU-8 machines.

Recognized for its strength, durability and ease of use, the tirfor® is ideal for long pulls in harsh environments. fall arrest lanyard Blocstop™ BSA/BSO. hoist, unlike the BlocStop safety, which is installed separately from the Tirak traction hoist. The TIRFOR wire rope winch, BRAVO and Tralift manual chain hoists provide load capacities up to 20 tons. Even if power is lost, a centrifugal mechanical brake tractel blocstop manual allows for controlled descent. Tractel "Blocstop BS" Manually Operated Wire Line Fall Arrest Block. Manual Hoisting Solutions. Tractel® manufactures and services high quality lifting and handling products including the original Tirfor® wire rope pull, Tirak™ and Minifor™ electric winches and hoists, Blocstop™ secondary safety devices, Corso® beam clamps, Tralift® manual chain hoists, Bravo™ lever hoists, Topal™ lifting clamps, Dynafor™ load measurement.

— BLOCSTOP BSO 500 Traction system Stirrup adapter a=24 1/2" b=12 3/8" 0=13" TIRAK XE 301 P with BS0500 and stirrup adapter Reliability & Service As a leading designer and innovator in suspended scaffolding equipment for over 30 years, Tractel&39;s products will give you years of trouble free service. range from 800kg to 2400kg The Tractel BLOCSTOP is designed specifically for suspended platforms to automatically arrest a fall though has many other possible applications. Follow all instructions and safety regulations contained in this manual to avoid injuries. Mike Haller, com Rob Haller, com 4501 Mattis Road St Louis, MO 63128. Anjou, Quebec H1J2S3 Toll free:Local:Fax:Tractel Ltd. The device must never be subjected to a load greater than the working load limit.

Tractel® Electric Hoists - Tirak® has been designed with user safety in mind. Tractel - tralift 3T Manual chain hoist with 10ft lift. In response to the most strict safety regulations, they can easily be attached to most fittings. This manual gives the required information for rigging, operating and maintaining the TIRAK®hoists. Tractel Blocmat S Load Arrestor - Ceiling Assembly 047329 from only £2,140. From United States. Jose Manuel Barroso Saiz 13,652 views. TIRAK®hoists are designed to be rigged to a compat- ible platform, workcage or bosun’s chair.

The blocstop ® is used to hold or restrain any loads during lifting and pulling applications. 4 (blocstop_bso). The BSO 500 is mounted externally for easy service and inspection. The Blocstop® is a fall-arrest secondary safety device which, when fitted to an appropriate wire rope of a Tirak® or Griphoist® hoist. ment, Tractel has the product to get the job done. TRACTEL propose également des palans électriques à chaîne, légers et durables. For emergency situations, a Blocstop BSO 500 secondary brake is mounted on Tirak® hoists as standard equipment. These are widely used in the Wind Turbine industry as OEM equipment for HAILO, AVANTI, KONE.

00 The Blocstop secures loads or for use on manriding equipment. Automatically Stops a falling Load. Back; ATEX Hoists and Trolleys; ATEX Beam Clamps & Trolleys; ATEX Load Moving Systems. Fall arrest device GmbH A member of TRACTEL Group.

TRACTEL SAS has designed special motor-driven models (TU16H and TU32H). Tractel "Blocstop BSA" Fall Arrest Device. For this use Tractel offers the BS and BSO Blocstop™ products. Tractel® is a world leading safety specialist providing reliable, innovative and cost-effective working-at-height solutions and services.

Automatic operation of the holding mechanism.

Tractel blocstop manual

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